dark grey continuous invisible zipper roll
dark grey continuous invisible zipper roll

Dark Grey Continuous Zipper Roll, Invisible / concealed, Size 3

Mayhem Fabric
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Invisible or Concealed continuous zipper (size 3) roll in many different colours.

Matching tear drop sliders/zipper heads included at 2 per metre.
1 Metre + 2 sliders
5 metres +10 sliders
10 Metres = 20 sliders

Great for that professional finish to your products. Invisible zippers can be used in dress making, cushions, crafts etc. where you don't want your zipper showing.

The zipper heads/sliders are separate and need to be added to the tape before use. This can be tricky at first and would recommend a YouTube video or two to get the hang of it.

We will endeavour to cut all amounts in one continuous piece. If vital to your project that it is in one piece, please add a note to your order and we will contact you if this cannot be achieved.

We have made every attempt to photograph the colours as closely as we can. We have also tried to describe the colours also.