About Us

Welcome to May-Hem Fabric, where the dedication to quality sewing supplies meets a passion for craftsmanship and innovation. With extensive experience spanning numerous years, we have transformed our profound love for sewing into a thriving business committed to providing top-notch supplies that empower your creative journey.

We take pride in being a premier source for high-quality sewing supplies, including an extensive selection of fabrics, zippers, and haberdashery items. Our commitment goes beyond finished creations; we aim to be your go-to destination for premium supplies that elevate your sewing projects.

Our product range not only encompasses practical essentials like phone holders, sewing/knitting bags, plastic bag holders, peg bags, and more but also extends to a comprehensive array of sewing supplies. Whether you're looking for inspiration in our diverse fabric offerings, seeking the perfect zipper to add a professional touch, or exploring our extensive haberdashery collection, May-Hem Fabric has you covered.

For those ready to embark on their own creative journey, May-Hem Fabric is not just a place to find finished creations but a dedicated hub for premium sewing supplies. If you have a specific vision in mind, don't hesitate to enquire—our commitment to excellence means we are always eager to expand our product line to meet your needs.

We sincerely hope that our top-notch supplies empower and inspire you as much as we derive joy from curating them. Should you have any questions, suggestions, or custom order requests, please feel free to reach out. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are always delighted to assist you on your creative journey. Thank you for choosing May-Hem Fabric