About Us

I'm Deborah, the founder and director of May-Hem Fabric Ltd. Our journey began in 2014 when I launched an Etsy shop for my hand crafted items and also focusing on alterations and crafting bridesmaids dresses. Sewing has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember, blending both enjoyment and necessity.

When my two older daughters came along, I took to creating most of their clothing and even my own, as the exorbitant prices of children's apparel back then were simply impractical. From jeans and denim jackets to elegant evening dresses, I stitched it all. Our home was adorned with curtains I crafted and patchwork blankets I lovingly pieced together to keep us warm. Evenings were spent at my sewing machine, receiving heartwarming compliments on the bespoke attire of my girls. The joy of uniqueness and well-fitting garments lingered, and I cherish those patterns to this day.

With my youngest daughter, knitting took precedence in her wardrobe, but as she grew, her penchant for distinctive clothing grew too, often resulting in requests for custom creations.

In 2014, a shift in circumstances prompted me to consider turning my passion into a business venture, thus, May-Hem was born. While our roots remain in crafting and creation, we've transitioned over time to supplying quality materials to businesses and individuals across the UK.