Heavy Duty Invisible Continuous zippers Size 5

Heavy Duty #5 Invisible Continuous Zipper Tape ideal for wedding dresses and prom wear.

Matching sliders/zipper heads included at 2 per metre. Size 5 / #5 is in reference to the size of the coil at 5mm across, regular invisible zippers are 3mm across.

Fabulous for wedding dresses, prom dresses or anywhere that a stronger robust zip is needed.

Great for that professional finish to your products. Continuous zippers are great for cushions, crafts, dress making and the No. 5 tape is stronger for upholstery and where you need a bigger, stronger zip.

The zipper heads/sliders are separate and need to be added to the tape before use.  Slightly tricky to attach at first but watch a YouTube video or two to get the hang of it. 

Heavy duty #5 invisible concealed zippers
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How to put on the sliders

This is how we put on the sliders on the #3 size and is the same for the #5