Toweling Hair Wraps

Fed up of not being able to balance that towel on your head whilst you get dressed, paint your nails or just wander around the house?  Then we may have the solution for you.

Just place elastic tab at the back of head, hair forward

Wrap hair in towel , then twist tightly

Pull  end through elastic to  secure

Hey presto! A hair towel that stays in place

Designed to be lightweight, fit all sizes by using elastic, suits short hair or long hair or any hair in the middle, children over 6-8 (depending on their head size), women or men.  
Because your hair is pushed forward and not piled on top of your head, as in some designs, the water does not drip down your neck, hair dries quicker with no rubbing and potentially damaging it.

Made from 100% cotton, these are washable as normal towels and made to last.

In colours:  
Light Grey
Light Pink
Light Blue
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