Knitting or Crocheting Craft Bags

Knitting bag or crocheting totes made with pockets on the outside for holding your needles, scissors and pattern without folding it, but now it's a little bigger.  The pocket around the outside is deeper and we have added an internal pocket for those easy to loose row counters or anything too small to go in the pockets.

Lightly quilted with fusible wadding, it has a luxurious feel but now with a squared off base so it can be folded for easy storage.  It is firm enough to hold itself up, but soft enough to have give to put things in the pockets.  

The bag measures approx 12" (30.5cm) high by 8" x 8" base (20.5cm x 20.5cm).  When laid flat it is approximately 16" (41cm) across.  Washable in a cool hand wash at a low temperature and iron if required.
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