Chunky Zip Open Ended size 5

These high quality zippers are measured from the bottom stop end to the top where the teeth end, in other words, your opening size.  They are typically the size that you see on your work jackets, leisure wear or where you would like your zipper to be a feature.  Fabulous quality with a metal painted slider.

Beige neutral Chunky open-ended zippers in Size 5: Robust and reliable zippers designed for heavy-duty applications. The chunky design ensures durability and strength, suitable for projects requiring sturdy closures. With open-ended functionality, they offer accessibility and ease of use for jackets, bags, and outdoor gear. Size 5 provides ample width for secure fastening, making these zippers ideal for projects that demand both style and substanc

Chunky No 5 Open ended Zips

Chunky zippers, used in a variety of products, from fleece jackets, uphols...
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