dusky purple invisible zipper tape

Invisible / Concealed Zippers - Dusky Purple

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Invisible or Concealed Zips in many different colours and sizes.  Great for that professional finish to your products. Invisible zippers can be used in dress making, cushions, crafts etc. where you don't want your zipper showing.
Tricky to install if you do not have the right foot on your machine, a normal zipper foot is for installing the standard zippers and you will need an invisible zipper foot to get the professional result.  Lots of YouTube videos to show you how and walk you through the stages.
In approx sizes:
Coil size 16cm/6.25"
Coil size 24cm/11"
Coil size 36cm/14"
Coil size 41cm/16"
Coil size 46cm/18"
Coil size 56cm/22"


If you want longer zippers, we now stock invisible zipper tapes on rolls.  Please check out our other listings.